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Feedback from doctors

Mr David Ross MD FRCS(Plast)
Plastic Surgery W1

“In today’s society, Patients demand and have the right to expect the very best in care, not just during the surgery itself, but also preoperatively and especially in terms of the aftercare. The compression garment is an integral part of the patient journey, which for them, continues, long after they leave my operating theatre. That is why I offer my patients LIPOELASTIC compression garments.”

Dr Andrea Marando

“The aftercare of a surgical procedure in the cosmetic field is nearly as important as the procedure itself. Being able to offer high quality products to my patients, that will continue supporting and protecting during the healing period what I have sculpted, is essential.

LIPOELASTIC provides me and my patients with what we need, consistently and reliably.”

Dr. Leonardo Fasano
Aesthetic Medicine & Body Sculpting Specialist

"The lymphatic system of the body works like a self-sustaining drainage system, flushing away toxins and fluids, which build up in the body. Vaser Liposuction is one of the most gentle and non-invasive techniques available, however it still generates inflammatory fluids from the tiny wound sites. Good compression garments (and lymphatic drainage massage) assist in moving this excess fluid along more efficiently. LIPOELASTIC provides good quality compression garments including custom built personalised to a person’s need which helps in the speedy recovery for the patients after the procedure.”

Dr. Juraj Payer, PhD.
Made By Juraj Payer

”I have the best experience with LIPOELASTIC compression garments. My patients feel very comfortable wearing them several weeks after surgeries as it is obligatory to achieve perfect results.”

Mark Ho-Asjoe

"As an experienced London Plastic Surgeon, I find that one of the fundamental aspects of patient recovery from cosmetic surgery is the quality of aftercare. As part of the success of surgery and the commitment to enhance postoperative management, choosing the right compression garment helps to ensure that my patients have a smooth and comfortable recovery, which is an essential part of the healing process. This is why, I recommend LIPOELASTIC compression garments to all my patients undergoing body contouring surgery. The garments offer maximum quality, comfort and support in the early stages of recovery and healing.”

Miss Pari-Naz Mohanna
Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

"I recommend the importance of using compression garment for all my patients in order to reduce swelling, bruises and to aid speedy recovery. I chose LIPOELASTIC as their garments provide the optimal compression and are easy to use. With probably the largest diversity in styles and fastening types, and quick delivery I can meet all the patients needs and requirements.”

Patient reviews

Amy (@splattard)

“I’ve had nothing but brilliant service from start to finish. I ordered the garment based off of friends’ experiences and my surgeon’s recommendation and it honestly made a massive difference in how quickly I recovered. I still wear them constantly just because they’re so damn comfy! I’ve had great conversations with the LIPOELASTIC team and they’ve been nothing but supportive from the get-go! I would recommend them to every person who is undergoing plastic surgery anytime soon - which is a few in my circle as we’re a weight loss community!“ ❤️❤️

Becky (@dyer.rebecca24)

“Just tried my new @lipoelastic PI special bra on yesterday and all I can say is wow...I love it!! It's still on now!!! Brought the PI extra as well, so I can not wait to try that one out! I love the way this one feels, I don't feel as itchy as I did with (the competitor brand tried) and I think I'd get away with wearing just this, as it looks like a crop top, rather than a bra! It's so easy to measure up I just followed their online guide and brought a size 32D and a small in the PI extra. Oooh and I got a few free goodies, who can't resist freebies 😁 Think I'll definitely be wearing this way past post-op, it's so comfy!“

Vicky (@mya_girl0419)

“12DPO on this photo and I popped my White PI active Bra from @lipoelastic on. I honestly cannot get over how comfy these bras feel on my skin. I’ve struggled to be in a bra 24/7 as I’m usually the type of girl who whips her bra off on the way home from work 😂 but when I’ve got this bra on, it’s like not wearing one 🤗🍉🍉” 🤗🍉🍉


“So today I’ve finally felt comfortable enough to try on a more ‘conventional’ style of sports bra. And this one, The PI unique does absolutely everything it says on the box. It has the all-important (for me anyway!) adjustable shoulder straps which are butterfly-shaped so there’s no metal to irritate my collar bone. It also has hooks underneath the zipper which makes it so much easier to zip up, which as we all know, is a bit tricky with our new girls 😂😂It also has the soft elastic waistband so it doesn’t irritate my rib cage ☺️ The cups also have a reinforced bottom in them to keep the girls feeling safe and secure. I’m absolutely sold on this bra and it’s something I’ll be wearing in everyday life when I return to work. I’ve told myself I’m going to wear Sports Bra’s in everyday life when my outfit dictates (like cosy jumper days, oversized tee days and for work) even after I’m healed, for additional support. This little beauty of bra comes in two colors, black and pink so again, it gives more choices for wardrobe opportunities 👙👚👗🧥 Another amazing product from the @lipoelastic team 👏🏼 I’ve not yet been let down by any of their products! ”


“It's a year ago since I had a breast augmentation and I purchased a few of your PI active post surgery bras and they have been amazing. I still wear them under my uniform and anytime I want to be comfortable and supported. They have washed well and still look pristine so the quality is amazing which makes the price spot on. When I went for my OP I went with a PI active bra in hand and also a competitor's brand bra and left it to my surgeon to decide which to wear and needless to say the competitor's choice didn't win! I have recommended you to friends since because of the quality and price of your bras and how amazing they feel while wearing them, so please don't ever change them. Also delivery and customer service was spot on. Thank you, as good companies and service are sometimes hard to find.”


“Even after 12 weeks the postoperative bra is my most favourite one.”


“I discovered a LIPOELASTIC bra that has a lower décolletage, and is thus easier to combine with casual clothes. I think I will keep this lingerie even when there will be no need to wear it” 😊


“PI ideal bra is made of a very pleasant material, ensures a super compression and a sense of security throughout the entire day.”


“I became very fond of them. For daily wear I had PI special, it is made of cotton, so it is very comfortable, moreover with sufficient compression. When I put it on for example to meet my girlfriends for an afternoon in the city, it was not visible under my top and nobody could tell.

I wear PI ideal mostly for sleeping or when the other bra is being washed. I like the variable fastening of this model. The strength of its compression may thus be adjusted according to the gradual cessation of swelling. I keep sleeping in PI ideal, even though I am already 2 months after the procedure - I feel safe in it. ”

Tested for you

“After I had my augmentation I found PI ideal the best fit. The quality of the bra helped me to feel comfortable and recover faster.”

Alena Hradilova

CEO and founder

“Even though I haven´t had a breast surgery, the PI unique compression bra is a great fit for me. It is strong enough to provide maximum comfort during exercise.”

Jitka Kneblova

Online Marketing Specialist – Junior

„I had augmentation done three years ago. I have been using the PI unique bra for all sport activities (fitness, jogging, cycling) for two years. The bra fits perfectly, stabilizes the implants and is comfortable.

I have two of them: one black and one pink. I definitely love the pink one.”

Michaela Stromsikova

Logistics & Customer Support

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