Preventive mastectomy with immediate
reconstruction by breast implants



Breast cancer is a serious disease that plagues many women. The risk of its formation is increased if the disease ever appeared within the family. This was also the case of Mrs Christine, who in September this year made an important decision in her life and had both breasts removed as prevention. After the procedure, she wore post-operative bra, LIPOELASTIC®; so we asked her to evaluate the underwear post the mastectomy with immediate reconstruction by means of breast implants.

Why have you opted for a preventive mastectomy (breast removal)?

I have evidence of a genetic disposition for breast cancer (i.e., 80% risk of breast cancer). Despite consistent preventive programme I perceive all the examinations as "waiting" for something to show up. I have two small children and therefore an obligation to care for them. That's why I decided to undergo preventive removal of breasts and their subsequent reconstruction using breast implants.

How long have you been wearing the post-operative bra and how many did you have?

There I had a total of 4 post-operative bras. I got one of them in the hospital after the procedure, but unfortunately its design did not suit me.  So though my own initiative I bought three postoperative bras by LIPOELASTIC. The most I enjoyed wearing the  PI ideal bra; it is made of a very pleasant material, ensures a super compression and a sense of security throughout the entire day.

How would you rate functionality and comfort of LIPOELASTIC® bra? How does it make you feel?

I felt very well in it. I certainly regard it as the best bra I have tried on. I can only recommend it. It suited me that all LIPOELASTIC® bras are very compressive, so I was not worried that the implants would shift from their desired position (when moving nor in sleep). At the same time, the bras are made of a pleasant material, which was comfortable throughout the entire day.