Myth No. 2: Liposuction is so frequently carried out that any doctor can manage to do it and results are guaranteed.


Unfortunately for clients, only the first part of this myth is true. Liposuction really is one of the most frequently carried out interventions in plastic surgery. However, this fact does not mean it cannot be done badly. Always check the physician´s references!

But a big pitfall is also hidden in care after the intervention. Most people think that after surgery the result is set. That is definitely not true. Post-operative treatment does not finish until approximately six months after surgery. The final look of your altered body is also determined by the right compression therapy. Always check the reputation of the surgeon before your surgery. The choice of compression garments should be approached in the same responsible way.

LIPOELASTIC has been producing compression garments for 13 years and ranks among the top producers in the field world-wide. It exports its products to over 70 countries across the globe. That is what is called a quality guarantee.

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