Wedding planner Kate is a great story proof that life after 40th doesn’t end there; quite the opposite. It can be better and happier. Kate has always been optimistic woman with a smile on her lips. Her personal life took some turmoil that had effect on her moods as well as on appearance. She started to put her weight on as the stress level was rising, and the self-esteem was going down. ‘’ I didn’t like the way I looked anymore,’’ she’s now remembering with a smile. Kate decided to have a liposuction to get her self-confidence back. And now, reaching almost 50, she feels better then ever before.

Read an inspirational interview with this smiling beautiful lady about how a plastic surgery can change someone’s life and how a patient can influence the final result of the operation.


Kate, what surgery did you decide for and why?

I had tummy liposuction done last year at Arte clinic in Brno. My decision was pretty impulsive. I’ve always been particular about feeling good in my own body. Suddenly, a lot happened in my life, which affected my well being mentally and physically, and I had put weight on. I was stress eating and gathering weight around tummy. I hated looking at myself in the mirror and hated the way I looked overall.

One day, I got annoyed so much that I had decided I decided to act on it. To lose weight in my age isn’t fast or an easy way, so I went for a faster option and searched online for liposuction.

I didn’t research it that much apart from few feedbacks and pictures. I just didn’t want to create unnecessary worry in my head.

How did you feel after the surgery and how did your recovery go?

I suffered with bad swelling right after the liposuction. I found out later that the main cause was the post-operative bandage, that the post-operative garment wasn’t correctly choosen.

The swelling was painful and I didn’t feel the bandage fitted properly. I got this garment at the clinic. I rang a customer service of the maker, but unfortunately, they were not willing to help.

So I took the whole situation in my own hands and I contacted LIPOELASTIC, known as a specialist in compression garments. This company is actually close to my home, so I drove there. I was amazed. I have to praise the whole team’s attitude. Everyone was helpful and patient to find the right compression garment for me.

Since I had the correct compression garment, my recovery went smoothly without complications.

Actually, I liked this garment so much, I wore it even after I finished the recommended recovery period and I still use it in winter as a base layer when I go skiingsmile

Has the surgery fulfilled your expectations? What’s the final result?

Yes, the result is very satisfying. Everyone around me noticed it away and compliments brought my self-confidence back. It helped me a lot, not just physically, but mentally as well.


What would you recommend to women concidering a plastic surgery?

My advice to all women who are thinking about a surgery is to not be afraid and go for it. I’d personally do it again. If the misery about your body takes over, do something about it.


We live only one life, so it should be worth living.