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3 proven tips to reduce cellulite

The consumption and excretion of water in the body should be in balance. However, due to lifestyle, hormonal changes and excessive stress, we often retain more water than is healthy. The feeling of being waterlogged is common in the period before menstruation, during pregnancy and menopause but if you suffer from swelling of the legs outside these periods, you should be careful! Excess water in the body results not only in swelling, but can also create visible cellulite and can make your legs feel heavy. Prolonged fluid retention can even result in a condition called lymphoedema.

The good thing is that you can control water retention in your body yourself. We have three tips for you on how to reduce swelling of your legs and creation of cellulite.

1. Drink More Water

Even though it might sound illogical to drink more water when your body is retaining it, the reason for excess water in the body can be due to a poor drinking regime. Water makes up almost 50% of an adult's body weight, and we naturally excrete up to 2.5 litres of it per day. It is therefore necessary to replenish it regularly. It is recommended to drink 0.5 l of water per 15 kg of body weight each day. Drink water continuously throughout the day. If you suffer from swelling and cellulite, drink mostly plain, still water, and avoid alcohol.


2. Wear Compression Garments 

Compression therapy has been shown to be an effective way of reducing the amount of water in the body (caused by a malfunction of the lymphatic system), and achieving soft legs that will be tempting to caress. The compression qualities of the garment significantly improve functioning of the blood and lymphatic system. Thanks to special compression leggings, you will also achieve optical slimming of the legs.


3. Exercise Regularly 

Water retention mainly affects people with a sedentary lifestyle. Make exercise part of your daily routine. You don't have to be a marathon runner, just a short walk every day will do. Walking in combination with compression leggings can significantly relieve your feeling of heavy legs and swelling; apart from that, it also suppresses the symptoms of cellulite.




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