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Get the perfect result of liposuction in two steps


An unhealthy lifestyle, a sedentary job, improper diet and lack of exercise; these are the reasons why people struggle with enlarged fatty tissue and why the demand of the public for liposuction rises. For a perfect result of the medical treatment, follow our exclusive two-step program.

Liposuction can be done using various techniques. The most suitable way for a patient is resolved by a plastic surgeon at the consultation.  All techniques are supposed to lead to a similar result. The final outcome may be significantly influenced by, among other things, improper post-operative care. To help patients achieve the best result and easy post-surgical care, we recommend LIPOELASTIC® garments from two-steps program of compression therapy. There are two collections

The CLASSIC collection is enriched with nano-particles of silver. The anti-bacterial effect of silver has been known for several centuries. By eliminating the growth of bacteria, the healing process is speeded up and there is no unpleasant odour. Therefore during the first three weeks when it is recommended to wear compression garment for the first stage, patients feel as if they are wrapped in cotton wool (in fact, the materials used by LIPOELASTIC for its garments are far more sophisticated and guarantee constant flexibility).

The UNIQUE collection comes in the next (second) phase of therapy. This phase is less painful and we recommend wearing it for 5 weeks following the first stage. Special fastening allows patients to adjust the level of compression to their comfort.  Perforated 3D material maintains a constant microclimate, which provides comfortable feeling even when worn all day long.

LIPOELASTIC® garments meet the highest criteria for compression therapy. Wearing them significantly speeds up the healing process and thus enables the user to make a smoother return to everyday activities. Carefully handcrafted manufacture, design and easy-to-use characteristics are perfect for you to gain support for the post-operative period and fast recovery.

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